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The Art of Mirror Making

The quality of a mirror glass can make or break the design of an interior. MIROX 3G glass from AGC Flat Glass Europe provides superior clear optics and ultra-transparency, so you can be sure that your mirrors will look stunning. High-quality mirror glass also offers increased safety and eco-friendliness. The advanced MIROX 3G technology ensures that your mirrors are more resistant to scratches and shocks, while being safer for both people and the environment.

All Liberta mirrors are made from MIROX 3G glass.

MIROX 3G Standard 4 mm.

High-quality mirror glass with a thickness of 4 mm. In most cases, this type of mirror glass fully meets all customer requirements.

MIROX 3G Premium 6mm.

Premium mirror glass with a thickness of 6 mm is an impeccable choice of designers and architects. The increased thickness of the mirror glass multiplies the optical effect of the play of light on the ends, thereby subtly and succinctly emphasizing the high status of your MIROX 3G enabled Liberta mirror. You can't compare the beauty - these are completely different products, different perception, different premium categories.

MIROX 3G "ClearVision" Diamond .

Ultra-transparent MIROX 3G mirror glass with a thickness of 4 mm without a greenish tint on the ends and in the reflection of the mirror. Due to its ultra-clear reflection, MIROX 3G "Diamond 4mm" mirror best emphasizes the white or light interior of the bathroom. Ideal for furnishing premium showrooms and bathrooms with high design requirements.

Diamond Mirror:                                 

Standard Mirror:

The quality of mirrors in a home or business is of utmost importance, as they can greatly impact the overall aesthetic and functionality of the space. High-quality mirrors not only serve their basic purpose, but also add an element of style and sophistication to a room. They can be used to create the illusion of more space, reflect light and colors, and enhance the ambiance of a room. In a business setting, the use of high-quality mirrors can help create a professional and polished appearance, while in a home, they can help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. With their ability to transform a space, it's clear that investing in high-quality mirrors is a worthwhile decision for any home or business owner.

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