The Royal Collection by Liberta is a true representation of the finest quality craftsmanship, inspired by the art and culture of Europe. Each mirror in this collection draws inspiration from the timeless designs and methods of the past while embracing modern technology and innovations. The result is a stunning reflection of sophistication, luxury, and elegance that will enhance any interior decor. From the mesmerizing patterns of the

Mystery mirror to the classic elegance of the Antica mirror, every piece in the Royal Collection is a masterpiece of design and a testament to Liberta's unwavering commitment to quality and attention to detail.


The meander pattern in the Antica mirror is a nod to the ancient Greeks who considered it a symbol of eternity. The continuous line forms a never-ending path, representing the idea that what is continuous becomes immortal. This pattern has been used throughout the centuries in various forms of art, and its use in the Antica mirror is a tribute to the impeccable harmony of lines and forms found in antique classics. The three-dimensional meander pattern inside the mirror is created with ultra-precise technology, and coupled with the transparent facet and elegant thin mirror fabric, makes the Antica mirror a timeless addition to any home.


The Mystery mirror is a true masterpiece of modern design and innovation, and what sets it apart is the use of the unique "Boucharde" engraving method. This intricate technique creates a three-dimensional pattern on the mirror's surface with countless facets that scatter light in a mesmerizing way. Each element of the pattern is unique and never repeated, giving the mirror a one-of-a-kind appeal. The engraving glows with all shades of the visible spectrum, and it sparkles in any light, natural or artificial.


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