A pattern with expressive leaves colored in gold - we guarantee that you will fall in love with its texture and depth at first sight. Bright, but noble gold makes the engraving more noticeable, deliberately expressive, attracts the attention of lovers of warm interiors.


Sale price$5,999.00

Exuding opulence and individuality, the Liberta CLEOPATRA gold mirror is a high-end masterpiece. Its intricate gold leaf pattern, engraved within the mirror, radiates a lasting shine, further accentuated by LED lights around the perimeter. CLEOPATRA is more than a mirror; it's a bold statement of style and sophistication.
Size: 48X30

Design & Aesthetics

In essence, a mirror is not just a product; it's a piece of art, reflecting not just images but also the dedication and craftsmanship that went into its making. Smooth pattern combined with thin, textured palettes offers a sense of lightness. Embodies spiritual luxury and elegance, setting a new standard in mirror decor. Radiates a lasting shine, enhanced by LED lights around its perimeter.

Engraving Details

Features engraving with patina in intricate patterns and material combinations. Despite the detailed pattern, the mirror's front surface remains flawlessly smooth. The design is internal, making it appear voluminous yet contained. Ensures lasting accuracy and brilliance, retaining its expressiveness over time.


Although it is impossible not to notice it. Uniqueness attracts the eye.

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