Mirror DIMO


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DIMO is a modern and stylish mirror that blends form and function seamlessly. Its ultra-thin profile, premium Diamond 4mm mirror glass, and LED front lighting create a unique and elegant look for any bathroom. The front lighting provides ample illumination, reducing harsh shadows and creating a more natural and flattering reflection for the user. DIMO is the perfect addition to any modern bathroom, providing both style and functionality in one sophisticated package.

Size: 24 x 32

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Customer Service

Liberta prides itself on exceptional customer service, providing timely and efficient support to ensure complete satisfaction. Our dedicated team is always available to assist with any questions or concerns, making the customer experience our top priority.

5 Year Warranty

Liberta offers a warranty on all of our mirrors, providing customers with peace of mind knowing that they are investing in a high-quality product. We use only premium materials in the manufacturing of our mirrors, ensuring that they are durable and long-lasting.

Sparkling with Quality

Our "ClearVision" Diamond 4mm mirror glass is a technological marvel. Offering unmatched clarity and brightness, it boasts 92% light transmission and superior color rendering for true-to-life reflections. This ultra-transparent, European patented technology is perfect for any setting where clarity is paramount. Ideal for homes, offices, or beauty salons, it's the ultimate choice for those seeking the finest mirror glass.

Ultra-thin mirror 25mm

Our innovative technology allows us to provide a slim LED mirror that is only 25 mm thin, with no compromises to its design or construction. Additionally, our mirrors feature Eurofacet, a diamond-cutting technology that creates a uniform and precise beveled edge for a polished and sophisticated look.

Premium optical properties

The "ClearVision" Diamond mirror 4mm glass, offering clarity, brightness, durability, safety, and environmental friendliness. It is also highly durable, with a 3x resistance to scratches and 10x resistance to corrosion. To ensure safety, the "ClearVision" Diamond mirror glass features a SAFE polypropylene film that prevents shattering, and meets European standards for safety and environmental friendliness.

Made in Ukraine

The production capacity of the factory allows you to create perfect mirrors for you, which will please you with their design and excellent technical characteristics for many years.

Premium LED solutions

Our LED solutions allow us to give you a product with a dense, bright, white glow. The service life of the LED strip is more than 50,000 hours

3 Year Warranty

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