Explore our limited collection of sustainably crafted mirrors at the LLDS show. With only a few pieces available, don't miss the chance to own a unique, eco-friendly masterpiece.

LLDS Exclusive


LLDS Exclusive


LLDS Exclusive


LLDS Exclusive


LLDS Exclusive


Learn about what makes our product special

Sustainable Luxury

Our mirrors embody the pinnacle of sustainable innovation and technological sophistication. Crafted to the highest quality standards, they reflect our core philosophy of responsibility towards the planet. These mirrors are not only superior in terms of clarity and durability, but they also represent our dedication to advancing sustainable practices within the industry.


Our Booth

Our booth is brought to life with the help of our esteemed partners. Each one played an important role to bring this masterpiece to life. Take a moment to learn more about what makes our booth Special

James Loppie

Our booth was designed by the visionary James Loppie, whose commitment to sustainability guided his selection of partners to create this masterpiece. His philosophy of collaborating with environmentally responsible partners ensures that the design not only meets aesthetic excellence but also upholds sustainable practices.

Dekton by Cosentino

Dekton by Cosentino provided all the stone surrounding our mirrors. Dekton is a sophisticated blend of over 20 natural minerals, perfected through their exclusive TSP technology that sinters mineral particles to create a highly durable material. This process accelerates what nature takes thousands of years to produce, achieving functional beauty and excellence for any architectural project in just a few hours.

Benjamin Moore

Our paint is provided by Benjamin Moore, featuring the 2024 color trends and the vibrant 2024 Color of the Year, Blue Nova. This selection enriches our space, bringing it vibrantly to life with contemporary hues that capture the essence of modern design. Additionally, Benjamin Moore's commitment to sustainability ensures that our color choices are as environmentally responsible as they are beautiful.


Our benches and bar cart are from the new Tesoro furniture line. The creators at TESORO® have redefined high-end outdoor furnishing, blending innovative design with functionality and superior materials to breathe life into any outdoor oasis. Known throughout the industry for their craftsmanship and attention to detail, TESORO® products are made and manufactured in Los Angeles, California.


Latitude has fabricated all the stone featured in our booth. Recognized as master fabricators in the kitchen and bath industry since the 1980s, they are committed to sustainability and exceptional service. Their quick turnaround times and reliable scheduling allow customers to manage projects confidently, maintaining Latitude's status as a trusted, eco-conscious industry partner.

Floor Exclusive

Our floor is supplied by Floor Exclusive, a family business with a 50-year legacy in crafting bespoke prefinished wood floors. Committed to sustainability, they use locally sourced, hand-applied organic finishes, ensuring minimal environmental impact. Their collaboration with Italy's Tover offers infinite color combinations, perfectly blending durability and design.

The Incredible Printing

Our beautifully printed brochures were produced by the local company, The Incredible Printing Company. Their team, like a close-knit family, boasts employees whose tenure ranges from 10 to 44 years, highlighting a deep-seated expertise within the industry. Proudly calling the industry's top staff their own, each member contributes unique qualities that enable them to serve thousands of clients promptly and efficiently.


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