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25.5 x 41 Frosted Frame - Universal backing (Horizontal / Vertical)

The Pebble mirror showcases organic elegance through its serene, pebble-inspired design. Measuring 25.5 inches by 41 inches, it features a frosted frame that enhances its natural allure with a soft, diffuse glow. This mirror's unique ability to be hung in four different orientations—both vertically and horizontally—adds to its versatility, making it a perfect fit for a variety of spaces. Its gentle curves and smooth silhouette seamlessly blend modern aesthetics with the simplicity of nature, ideal for sophisticated environments.


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Exclusive Living Luxe Design Show

Unveiling at the Living Luxe Design Show, the Pebble mirror embodies sustainability and the beauty of organic shapes. Its versatile design allows four unique orientations, enhancing any sophisticated space with its eco-conscious and artful approach.

It's like magic

Experience the multifaceted Pebble mirror, a masterpiece of design that can be adapted to any space with its ability to hang in four different ways. Whether displayed vertically or horizontally, its sleek, organic contours integrate seamlessly into diverse environments, offering both functionality and a touch of natural sophistication.

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