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Sale price$3,895.00

Size: 29 x 59 (735 x 1500)

The Core Mirror, designed by renowned Ukrainian architect Sergey Gotvyansky, redefines the intersection of art and function. This exquisite designer piece features a unique, sharp-edged shape and utilizes advanced edge processing technology to blur the boundaries between reality and illusion. The mirror casts a brilliant aura that enhances any space, creating a dynamic visual experience. Crafted with the finest ecological glass, the Core Mirror reflects not just your image but your taste for sophisticated, sustainable design.

Color: Bronze

CORE is more than a mirror.

It is an elegant living object, casting its brilliant aura throughout the room, illuminating and enhancing the ambience with an air of sheer radiance. Its minimalist design is a testament to the essence of beauty, and an authentic expression of style that is as distinctive and exceptional as the beholder. The CORE mirror is a precious artwork, reflecting your very essence and embodying simplicity and beauty that transforms your living space into an alluring haven.

It's like magic

Designed by talented Ukrainian architect and designer Sergey Gotvyansky, the Core mirror is a true masterpiece that combines technology and style to create a work of art that's unlike anything else on the market. With its edge processing technology, the mirror blends the boundaries of reality and magic.

Ultra-thin mirror

Our technologies allow us to give you the thinnest mirror with LED illumination of only 24 mm. Now there are no compromises — excellent design and "lightness" of construction

Premium optical properties

For the production of our mirrors, we use the MIROX 3G mirror fabric, which allows us to obtain: clean, undistorted reflection and increased resistance to corrosion

Made in Ukraine

The production capacity of the factory allows you to create perfect mirrors for you, which will please you with their design and excellent technical characteristics for many years.

Premium LED solutions

Our LED solutions allow us to give you a product with a dense, bright, white glow. The service life of the LED strip is more than 50,000 hours

5 Year Warranty

Every day we work to improve the quality of our products and services, and customers pay the lowest possible price for quality improvement.