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Step into the future with the Smart Mirror, blending high-tech computer precision with the interactivity of a digital gadget running Android OS. More than just a mirror, it functions as a personal digital assistant—displaying time, weather, and calendar or transforming with a touch into a multimedia center with Youtube, Netflix, TV apps, and web browsing. It includes health-tracking features like a skin moisture sensor and electronic scales, making health management both straightforward and sophisticated. The Smart Mirror is the height of modern convenience and style in your home.
Size: 600x800

Smart Mirror 600 x 800 - 21.5" Screen

Compact and Versatile: This Smart Mirror seamlessly integrates into any smart home system with its 21.5-inch display, offering a sophisticated way to access digital tools and connectivity in a compact design. When the screen is off, it mirrors a traditional glass mirror, maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your space.

Smart Mirror 1000 x 700 - 23.5" Screen

With a larger 23.5-inch screen, this mirror offers clearer, more detailed visual interactions from weather updates to video streaming. It transitions smoothly from a high-tech gadget to an elegant mirror with its display off, making it a practical yet stylish addition to any setting.

Smart Mirror 1200 x 800 - 43" Screen

The 43-inch screen of this Smart Mirror makes it a focal point for digital engagement, from health monitoring to entertainment. It offers an immersive experience without sacrificing the aesthetic of a well-appointed room, as it looks like a regular mirror when the screen is inactive. This mirror is designed for those who appreciate both functionality and design in large living spaces or master bathrooms.

High Technology

Imagine a mirror that is not just a reflection of your physical appearance, but a portal to a world of digital possibilities. An ultra-modern smart mirror with the precision of a computer and the multitasking of a digital gadget running Android OS


SMART mirrors can be personalized to show information that is relevant to you, such as your calendar, reminders, or fitness tracking data.

Skin Moisture Sensor

The skin moisture sensor can transmit information to the mirror, providing insights into your skincare routine and hydration levels. Find out the condition of your skin and choose the ideal care

Smart Scales

Smart scales give you an accurate and convenient way to track your weight.

Installing applications

This is your gadget with messengers, social networks, games and other applications for Android. Set up your account and fill it with what is important to you

Protection against moisture and dust

Ideal for shower and bathroom. Touch with a wet hand, splashes of water, water vapor will not cause the slightest damage to the Smart Mirror